System Features

The Raplas PR800 Production System provides flexibly of user specification with options available without lengthy customer lock-in policies.

PR800 HD+ SLA High Productivity Systems in 800 x 700mm size platform formats available with removable tank options for easy material changes. All with HD+ accuracy across the build platform.

Materialise MAGICS Free Customer Licence and Site License for Materialise Build Processor providing the industry solution you can trust.

Rigid Frame Construction and Granite Build Frame for excellent repeatability, accuracy and thermal stability.

Large Access Doors for easier removal of large production builds with stainless steel internal build area covers for easy cleaning


Touchscreen Operation via integrated monitor system.

Fitted as standard with RAPLAS RPL 2W / 1W switching Air-Cooled Laser for high power and fast repetition rate to ensure good productivity.


SCANLAB IntelliSCAN Scanning System for unparalleled accuracy, repeatability, stability and HD+ resolution. Variable beam diameter dynamically optimised .


Raplas Stability and Accuracy enables supports to be minimised for those challenging builds and reduction of post finishing.

On-going cost savings when using Raplas SLA Material solutions with our systems.

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